L’Amitié Franco-Anglaise au Carrefour des Trois Provinces


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AFACTP - L’Amitié Franco-Anglaise au Carrefour des Trois Provinces

For more information or to join AFACTP please contact us on afactp.newsletter@sfr.fr

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Last Update 17-01-2019


We Announced in the last newsletter that the next  quiz will be Feb 14th -Valentines Day.  Due to lack of Numbers we are proposing to move this to the end of the month, Thursday 28th February.  To reserve a table please contact Lil   06 67 96 01 22 aubergedulac50@gmail.com

 As you are all now aware Carole Foster has stepped down from her role on the Committee,  therefore  this role needs to be filled. Once again I am sure you would like to  join the Committee and I in thanking Carole for all her hard work over the past  years and especially with all the work involved in producing the Newsletter every month.

 I would like to introduce Emma Mann as our new newsletter editor, Emma has kindly volunteered to  take over this very important task.

 Emma will, I am sure will make a few changes to the Newsletter layout etc… I am sure that she would  welcome any feedback both positive and negative, suggestions for articles you would like to see  or things that you would like to add.

 I wish Emma the best of luck as our new editor

 Colin Turpin


Extracts from our newsletter    Feb 2019