L’Amitié Franco-Anglaise au Carrefour des Trois Provinces

Together in Friendship

The AFACTP is an Anglo-French association based at Vezins (50) at the crossroads of Normandy (Manche), Brittany (Ille et Vilaine) and Pays de Loire (Mayenne). The aims of the association are:

  • To develop mutual contact with other residents of France;
  • To create a dialogue between these residents through active contact with, and within, local associations as well as with festive and associated activities, communes and cantons in which they reside;
  • To encourage and develop language skills between the French, the English and other English-speaking nationals;
  • To allow the integration of the English, and other non-French residents into local life, while exchanging an understanding of, and encouraging preservation of, each others' traditions;
  • To initiate friendly links between associations, schools, museums, festivals, artistic and musical groups in order to further cooperation and mutual friendship;
  • To bring together Anglophones for cultural activities, organised events and social events.